AWRS: Registration numbers needed

By March 17, 2017Member updates

New HMRC regulations
From 1st April 2017, UK merchants will need to have registered their URN numbers with Liv-ex before selling Duty-Paid stock on the Exchange. This change is being made to comply with new regulations from HMRC.

Liv-ex’s URN number is XXAW00000100721. To submit your URN number to Liv-ex, please contact

You will not be able to sell Duty-Paid stock on the Exchange until we have verified your URN number.

What is the scheme?
The scheme, which comes into force in one month’s time, makes it compulsory for all wholesalers to be registered and fully compliant with HMRC regulations.

As part of the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS), retailers will be responsible for checking they are buying from a registered source. This can be done by checking a wholesaler’s Unique Registration Number (URN) on and following the link to the AWRS look-up service.

If the wholesaler doesn’t have a registration number, or the number they give doesn’t show their company details on the approved list, retailers will be breaking the law if they buy alcohol from that company.

To read the full government document on the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme, click here.

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