Bordeaux 2019: En Primeur with Liv-ex

The Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur campaign has begun in an unusual manner, with virtual tastings and postponed releases. As usual, Liv-ex will be covering it as it unfolds.

Here is what you can expect this year.

Extended analysis: En Primeur reports

Every year, Liv-ex publishes two reports assessing the En Primeur campaign – now available exclusively to members. The first explores the position of the Bordeaux market prior to the campaign and the quality and quantity of the vintage to be released, while the second evaluates the campaign’s success.

Bordeaux 2019

Our opening report, Bordeaux 2019: the value of time, contains 25 pages of in-depth analysis. It looks at the challenges and opportunities facing the region given the postponement of En Primeur and the broader market headwinds. It is available in English, French and German.

You can also read reports for previous campaigns on our reports page, here.

Determining the right price: ‘Fair Value’ methodology

Throughout the Bordeaux 2019 campaign we will be covering the releases as they happen and publishing daily price analysis on Liv-ex Insights.

We will once again be using our ‘Fair Value’ methodology to assess the release prices and highlight any pricing anomalies in the secondary market. As a measure of quality, we have re-introduced our ‘Benchmark Critic’, comprising of the scores of Robert Parker (vintages 2005-2012) and Neal Martin (vintages 2013-2019). You can find the latest update on our methodology and the logic behind ‘Benchmark Critic’, here.

Bordeaux Analysis Tool

Bordeaux Analysis Tool (Liv-ex members only)

Liv-ex members on a Silver package or higher can see real-time prices for all Bordeaux wines on our upgraded Bordeaux analysis tool.

The dashboard allows you to view the charts from our blogs in real-time and in multiple currencies: GBP (12×75), EUR (1×75) and USD (1×75). You can also filter between your favourite critics and see historical release prices all in one place – for 112 leading Bordeaux wines.

The tool also includes a ‘Fair Value’ chart that indicates whether the price for a wine sits above or below fair value relative to the prices and scores of its previous 14 vintages. The age of a wine can be used as a substitute for scores where age is more important.

For more information, please contact your Account Manager, or click here to start exploring.

The latest Bordeaux 2019 critic scores

Our critic scores grid compares the latest 2019 scores from a range of key Bordeaux wine critics. The table will be updated as the campaign unfolds. Due to the cancelled tastings in Bordeaux this year, the majority of critic scores are expected to be published when EP releases are already under way, some not until the end of June.

Key prices page

Our key prices page displays the latest releases from Bordeaux 2019 in the context of recent vintages. The table is updated each time a new release is announced and shows the ex-négociant and ex-London price for all the top wines.

#Bdx19 – Liv-ex on social

Liv-ex will also be posting its En Primeur analysis on social media, tagged with the #Bdx19. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (@livexwine) for the latest updates.

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