Bring prices into your own system

When you’re buying and selling wine, or talking to clients, it’s important to know the right price. Often, this means making repetitive online searches – but it doesn’t have to.

With automation services, you can bring prices from Liv-ex – Market Price, Bid, Offer, last trade, and others – into your internal systems. This makes it easy for you to see price data alongside your stock information, all in one place.

Members using this say that it helps them to find the price of wine faster, and that it gives confidence to junior staff when speaking to customers.

You can also add links to Liv-ex, making it easy for you to place bids or offers on wines you are interested in.

Example from Ceres system – click to enlarge

How it works

Our Price APIs bring prices into to your ERP or similar system, and displays them alongside your other product information for a wine. When you look up a wine on your system, price information from Liv-ex is displayed.

You can choose from a long list of available price points:

  • Market price
  • Best bid
  • Best offer
  • Mid price
  • Trade Price
  • Offex
  • Average list price
  • Listed quantity
  • Your last list price
  • Your last Offex
  • Last auction price
  • Ex-chateau price
  • Ex-negociant price
  • Last five list prices
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Build it with APIs

Price data API

Receive current and historic data for any wine in the Liv-ex database into your system on demand.

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Market Depth API

View the complete market availability for a wine. Use this to drill down and understand the current market for a wine in more detail.

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Request access

If you are a developer or wine professionals, and you are interested in making use of our digital/automation services, we are happy to offer you a free consultation call. To set this up, please contact Neil Talor (Neil@liv-ex) who is Liv-ex’s Director of Data and Web Services.