Merchant C is a mid-sized European business that has automated to sell more stock through Liv-ex, taking a slightly different approach. 

Before - Limited ability to list wine

Merchant C had been a member of Liv-ex for a number of years, using the platform primarily as a sales channel. Its team found that Liv-ex was an efficient place to sell stock quickly and at a good price, but found the listing process quite time-consuming. 

It needed a way to offer a high volume of stock quickly, in order to maximise the opportunity. 

What they did

Merchant C opted for a simpler – and therefore cheaper – form of automation than others have used.  

Rather than build a system that keeps all stock in sync with Liv-ex 24/7, they use APIs to upload their stock list to Liv-ex on demand. Tens or hundreds of wines can be listed for sale in seconds. 

The combined efforts of a third-party developer and CTO brought this to life in around two weeks with an investment of less than 5,000. 

The impact - More sales, faster

The team are now able to list wine on Liv-ex quickly, normally syncing their stock list once each day. This has saved them considerable staff time, which they can now use on other tasks such as engaging customers. 

It also means that they can increase the number of wines listed, which has resulted in aincrease in sales.  

Although their stock list isn’t perfectly in sync with Liv-ex, they are able to make any necessary adjustments manually. The simplicity of the system kept the development costs low. This allowed them to strike a balance between taking advantage of modern technology while investing a smaller amount that made sense for their business. 

*This member opted to remain anonymous. We’ve respected that by referring to them as “Merchant C” throughout the article.

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